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Peace of mind with Automatic Gate Servicing & Maintenance

To keep an automated or electric gate system in a safe and reliable condition it will require regular maintenance and LCS Gates & Barriers Ltd can offer you peace of mind with their range of services tailored to your requirements and the specifications of your automatic gate system.

Automatic Gate Servicing Includes

  • Condition & safety report for your existing system

  • Callout service

  • Regular maintenance visits

  • Service contracts

Automatic Gate Motors Maintenance in Surrey

Condition and Safety Report

We can carry out a maintenance visit including healthcare check on your existing system. Provide you with a detailed report on its current condition and what if anything, needs to be done to ensure it complies with the latest safety requirements. Any minor adjustments found to be needed can be made during this visit. We will also provide recommendations for any work that needs carrying out to bring the system to an acceptable, safe standard.

Callout Visit

When things go wrong with your automatic gates you need to know there is someone you can rely on! LCS Gates & Barriers Ltd can offer call outs to your system and complete onsite repairs in most instances. We are proud to say that in 90% of call outs completed we get the system back up and running. If that isn’t possible, we then provide estimates for repairs and of course any safety requirements.

Automatic Barrier Control Box

Regular Maintenance Visits

Depending on the amount of use your automatic gates, we can devise a maintenance scheme to keep your system working safely and reliably year after year. Under current safety requirements all safety devices fitted to the system must be tested by a competent person on a six-monthly basis, to ensure they are working correctly. Electric gate maintenance should include, but not be limited to the following items.

  • Cleaning out of foundation boxes and enclosures

  • Lubrication of all pivot points and friction areas

  • Testing of all safety devices installed

  • Electrical testing of motors and underground loops

  • Checking of cable connections and tidying of control box

  • Checking all wear items such as hinges and rollers for wear

  • Structural checks

  • General condition

Leaving your automatic gate system without maintaining it can cause premature failure. And in a worst-case scenario, failure and potential injury to users.

Maintenance is especially recommended in systems with underground operators as they are prone to filling with water and debris. If not cleaned out regularly the foundation boxes become can corrode and then fail. Replacement of these foundation boxes is an expensive job as it often requires the driveway to be excavated.

Gate Maintenance  Service Visits

We can offer servicing in a variety of ways to suit each customer’s specific needs.

  • Service agreements for those of you who require a scheduled visit at specified intervals. We can also add in additional benefits such as included call outs if required.

  • Service visits on an ad hoc basis, meaning that we have you on a customer database and contact you yearly to see whether you wish to proceed with a visit.

  • For customers whose systems have been supplied and installed by LCS Gates & Barriers Ltd, we are able to offer contracts including extended warranty on the installed system.

  • We can also offer solutions to customers with systems installed by other companies. Whether the system is new or an older existing one, we can then offer a condition and safety report carried out along with any recommended work.

These gate maintenance contracts cover preventative maintenance visits, emergency callouts, safety checks and telephone support.

We will always contact you to confirm mutually suitable dates for visits.  For more information on what we can offer you, please give us a call or send an email with your requirements and we will be happy to help.