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Welcome to LCS Gates & Barriers

With over 28 years experience installing Automatic or Electric Gates, we can design, supply and install the right Automatic Gate solution for your requirements.

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Style & Security

Our gates are designed after considering every aspect from system use, location to the important safety and security aspects.

We only use the highest quality suppliers of automatic gate equipment, and our gate manufacturers are second to none. We pride ourselves on having final systems that we would want on our own properties.

Automatic Gate Installation in Surrey

LCS Gates & Barriers can provide all types of gates and Automatic Gates. Whether you are looking for Steel, Aluminium or Timber.

We offer a large range of electric or remote automatic swing gate designs within our strong and durable gate ranges.

Iroko Curve Top Gate

Timber Gates can be automated using the correct equipment needing to be designed correctly for automation purposes.

Automatic Gate Installation in Surrey

Bespoke Gates & Automatic Gates tailored for you.

The final design of your Gate is a very individual thing. Some people require gates for privacy, some for security, some to keep the dog in or even wildlife out.

Dependent on your specific requirements the design and automation used will change. This means that every system is one of a kind and very specific to you.

Steel & Aluminium Gates

We offer a large range of gate designs within our Steel and Aluminium Gate ranges. Our Steel Gates are bespoke manufactured by a company who work specifically on gates and have many years of experience including automation of Gates. This means that they are manufactured to a higher specification and specifically designed for automation.

Aluminium Gates are a bit more of a new thing to the UK but becoming more and more specified. We have access to Aluminium Gate manufacturers who can provide gates in many styles of swing and sliding configuration. Aluminium Gates provide a lighter gate option with a finish that will be good for years.

LSC Gates & Barriers have installed multiple Aluminium Gates over our time in the industry. This puts us in a better place than most installers as our experience is second to none.

Timber Gates

Timber Gates can be automated using the correct equipment but they do need to be designed correctly for automation purposes. LCS have access to many manufacturers of timber gates all of whom make great gates. Depending on your specific requirements will decide where we purchase your Gates from.

Timber Gates are a “live” thing and they do expand and contract during the seasons. Ideally, we recommend that all gates are manufactured from hard wood to keep this movement to a minimum. Our preference being Iroko hard wood giving a beautiful finish. We also recommend that the gates are finished with an oil. This is the easiest way to keep them looking great and takes much less time to refinish at a later date. There are however many other options for finish which can be completed.

Other hardwood Timber is available should you decide that you want to paint the gates. Ask us about options when we complete the site survey for your installation.

Automatic Gate Safety

We can provide safety reports on existing Electric Gates and barriers, with follow up estimates to bring them into line with current legislation. We look at the best solution for your individual system and not just the easiest or cheapest. The system has to be user friendly as well as safe and reliable!

Safety Requirements

Safety of all automated systems is paramount. With specific legislations in place that are the law to follow. We use many different types of safety device to provide full compliance. We need access to all manufacturers of safety equipment to ensure that our installations are as safe as possible.

Some of these safety devices are listed below with further information

Safety Beams

Safety beams are a single beam device which is usually used across the outside of the system. They are a non-contact device but provide minimal protection. They are the minimum requirement when used in conjunction with force limitation, subject to there being no additional residual risk areas. Safety beams are a non-contact safety device.

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LCS Gates & Barriers Ltd can offer a full installation service for Telguard products. We are proud to offer a fully UK manufactured product finished in marine grade stainless steel to look great and have a two-year warranty.


Having a Telguard installed on your entrance provides you with an intercom that can contact you anywhere. The system uses a GSM sim card allowing the unit to call any pre programmed phone number. One call button can be programmed to call consecutive numbers. This means it can call your property landline and if not answered it can then call mobile phone 1, mobile phone 2 etc until the call is answered. Please note that any call received by an answerphone will be classed as completed and not forward to the next number.

The latest Telguard units have additional features such as the built in timer, backlit buttons, SMS alerts, additional relay outputs and dial to open. The dial to open feature means that pre programmed phone numbers are set up and when they call the units phone number a specific relay is triggered. The call to the unit is cut off once the system is triggered and no costs are charged to the caller.

Additional features are available on the latest range of Telguards. Please ask for more information and feel free to ask for things not currently available. The programming and set up of these units can be changed and we are always looking to feed back good ideas to the manufacturer.

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digiGate provides App Control for Automated Gates, Barriers and Garage doors. digiGate is a small smart device that connects to your system. Control your device with the smartphone app, tablet, computer and even a phone call.

Main Features

Installing a digiGate system enables you to control your device from anywhere in the world, removing the need for traditional remotes. The digiGate system can have unlimited user accounts and the app is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Access Control

digiGate has full access control capabilities, all easily remotely administered via the apps. Full access: 24/7 access. One-off access: Access on a certain date, between 2 times or between 2 dates. Restricted regular access: Limited access between certain times on certain weekdays, every week.

Automatic Timer

digiGate can automatically open and close your device up to 3 times per day with the built-in weekday timer. There is also a calendar feature which can open the gate on any given date between set times. Holiday mode can be activated on digiGate to temporarily disable any set automatic timings.

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